Chapter Three

He got his nickname in sixth grade, after he identified the author of a few particularly nasty racial slurs sharpied onto the bathroom wall.

It was actually a joke on the principal. When announcing who found the student behind it, he said "Just want to send a big thank you to our Vanquisher Of Anonymous..."

He paused.


Rebecca thought that was hilarious, and started calling him that. After a little while, she shortened it to "VOA", which later became "Voah".

Eventually, everyone called him that.

By eighth grade he was tall and lanky, messy brown hair sitting lightly atop his head. His glasses had a tendency to slip low on his nose, he was constantly pushing them back up in front of his hazel eyes. He was a generally happy, outgoing person, and had plenty of friends.

Rebecca, too, had grown. She was about a head shorter than he was, with wavy light brown hair that seemed to dance when she walked. Her green eyes always seemed to sparkle when she smiled, something that Voah cherished.

It was in this year they first kissed.

During the spring concert, she had forgotten the words to a solo she was singing. Stumbling over the words, she merely began humming the melody.

After the group was done, she burst out the doors, crying. There was a tremendous downpour that night, but she didn't notice.

He ran out after her and tried to tell her she had done okay, and that it was fine, and that they didn't notice, but she just kept crying. She hugged him, face buried in his chest, and they stood there for some time, being soaked by the rain. As her crying began to stop, she looked up at him.

"I did really bad, didn't I?"

"Of course not! No one even noticed."

She gave one of those spluttering laughs that happen when one is crying, and turned to look up at him.


They both stood there, looking at eachother, completely soaking wet.

She's really pretty, he thought, looking at her moonlit face.

It happened quickly. He leaned down, brushing her cheek with his hand, and kissed her. He stopped and she looked up at him, astonished.

She silently turned, blushing, towards the school doors, and began moving towards them.

As the two walked back inside, Voah was certain it had been a mistake.

This is the end of our friendship, he thought, she'll never talk to me again.

As they continued walking, she slipped her hand onto his wrist, and then moved it down, holding his hand.

He looked over at her.

She smiled.

Now what am I going to do?