In blogging, there are three major forces that exist on the comment board.

The first is the citizen. This person wants to do nothing but comment innocently, leaving insightful thinking, their point of view, or some other little tidbit that others may find interesting. Their comments are generally mild and neutral, and though they occasionally lash out at the author or other commenters, they are normally quite tame.

The next is the blog administrator. Though the majority of bloggers don't comment on their own work, the blog administrator may choose to remove any comment he or she wishes to remove. This means anything they find insulting or inappropriate can go. Most try not to remove comments unless they have to, and try to let the commenters sort themselves out.

The last force is the anonymous commenter. This person posts whatever they want without fear of being caught. Their comments can be anywhere from mildly annoying to full-blown vicious.

The system is flawed.

It is difficult for a blog administrator to control what is said because people who anticipate having their comments removed do not care what the comment says. They post whatever they comment they want, and they do it anonymously. The comment stays up for a little while and a few people read it, and then it is removed. It serves its purpose because a few people may read it, and the commenter can complain that the administrator is "censoring" them.

And so a fourth force is necessary.

The Vanquisher would strip the anonymous commenters bare. With their anonymity removed, they are exposed for their crimes and the other commenters can resent an actual person rather than just "someone".

The Vanquisher is brilliant, talented, and necessary.

This is his story.